About GDZ

More than just creative hub for Zimbabwean creatives

Who we are

Our Vision

To be the foremost authority on the creative industry and the welfare of the practitioners within it.

Our Mission

To provide guidelines within which our members and their employers should operate as well training programmes and workshops for our members.

The intended influence of Graphic Designers Zimbabwe is fourfold. GDZ aims for:

  • improved standard of work
  • correct business practice
  • improved networking and synergy among design practitioners in Zimbabwe.
  • improved welfare of creative

What we stand for

Our organisations is made up of 5 pillar values which we abide to, they are as follows


Graphic Designers Zimbabwe as a body seeks to serve, protect and guide all those that work in the creative field. As the name initially suggests, this organisation represents graphic designers. However with graphic design being a broad field with diverse disciplines that may overlap, the influence of the organisation reaches a wider range of practitioners. GDZ is open to:

It is well noted that some of these disciplines may have separate associations of their own, but we welcome them all under the pretext of a common cross-pollination between these disciplines in a differing combinations for a variety of projects.

The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.

Paul Rand

Membership structure

Pursuant to the goals and objectives of Graphic Designers Zimbabwe, the organisation follows a specific organisational and membership structure. The structure consists of the board of trustees, the GDZ board, consultants, sub-committees and then the membership as a whole.

The Board of Trustees is made up of the founding members of Graphic Designers Zimbabwe and serves as the highest authority of the organisation. The trustees serve the purpose of drafting and amending the constitution and ensuring that the constitution is interpreted and followed accurately. They are also in charge of establishing the GDZ board, appointing members to serve in that board, establishing guidelines and parameters for the board to act within, and providing any guidance or assistance that the board would need. The trustees are in drafting the events calendar for the year consisting of all the programmes that the organisation will engage in. The trustees may also assist the board in setting up any sub-committees required to carry out any programmes and special projects pursuant to GDZ goals or objectives.

The GDZ Board reports to the Board of Trustees and has the responsibility to take care of the “everyday” functions of GDZ. The board spearheads, plans and coordinates GDZ programmes and appoints individuals, consultants or sub-committees to run said programmes, and oversees or supervises those sub-committees to ensure that the programmes are run well and effectively. Board members are appointed to contribute towards achieving the board mandate and may be assigned to a specific portfolio (like finance, public relations, social media etc.) according to their skillset or expertise.

Whenever GDZ has a programme, special project or task that needs to be carried out a sub-committee is set up to undertake the smaller tasks involved in carrying out or executing it. For all intents and purposes the sub-committees are made up of specialists required for that programme. The GDZ board identifies the tasks required along with the skills needed to carry out those tasks, then they identify individuals with the prerequisite expertise and skills. Those individuals are then invited to serve on the sub-committee. The accordant member of the GDZ Board in charge of the programme presides over the sub-committee, while a member of the Board of Trustees is appointed to act in an advisory role.

There are instances where GDZ as an organisation has a task that requires a skillset outside of the skillset or expertise that its general membership. The organisation engages specialists to work as consultants that will assist in carrying out the task. Examples of these include legal, financial, medical and administrative consultants. These consultants are appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Everyone that is registered with Graphic Designers Zimbabwe is considered a part of the general membership. The general membership is not appointed into any particular role however they can be voted into the GDZ Board or can be appointed to serve in a sub-committee.

Social media

Interaction between creatives takes place on various social media groups, mainly WhatsApp and Telegram, which are administered by select volunteers. The groups function is designed to cater for our four purposes on a social level through scheduled sessions and discussions. The groups cater for:

Creatives voluntarily submit work, published or not, for critique by fellow creatives. This allows a creative to receive evaluation from an objective point of view. It gives a creative an honest assessment of his or her own work and also gives them an opportunity to improve upon it as they receive honest and practical criticism.

GDZ is blessed with experienced creatives in the business of graphic design. Other creatives have the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from those that have the knowledge and expertise. This advice and guidance is always free and readily available and encourages interaction between members.

Sharing one’s work on the social media platforms comes with the added benefit of promoting oneself. Especially on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the creatives are exposed to a wider audience and a wider net of potential partners and collaborators. Also, with the ease of communication that comes with WhatsApp it has become much easier for creatives to meet and make business connections within Zimbabwe. GDZ group then becomes a hub for marketing and cross-pollination of services, skills and ideas.

Through discussions and interactions with other creatives members can share their concerns and receive solutions to everyday problems. These discussions also help conscientise fellow creatives and even some employers on issues that can affect them and those that they work with and allows them to work together to improve.

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