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Given the fact most contact that the members of GDZ have with other members is through social media, it is ideal to facilitate an occasion where they can meet face to face, network and better establish key partnerships for collaboration. Normally designed to coincide with the organisation’s birthday celebration, the Meet 4 Meat braais are held sometime in May. To alleviate the burden of travel for many, multiple events are held in various cities countrywide. The main aim is to interact with one another and engage in constructive discourse in a more relaxed setting.

The GDZ Design Week is a 5 day workshop, which is normally held in of October this year, focused on the many aspects of the creative industry! For an entire five days we are blessed with talks, presentations, demonstrations and seminars prepared to tackle the many facets of the creative life. That’s right! An actual five days of content from many of the most influential Zimbabwean creatives and contributors in the local and international spheres, sharing their knowledge, experience and inspirations with us.

Every year a theme is decided which guides and governs the speakers and the content that they will present to us.

The Design week is targeted at Design Practitioners, Marketers, the design community and the aspirants thereof. The aim is to take steps towards laying the ground work for true growth in the Zimbabwean creative industry. Participants and contributors alike will be able to establish and strengthen connections as well as increase visibility for themselves as we celebrate design talent and look ahead to an even more productive future. The Design Week also provides an opportunity to bridge the disconnect between creatives and marketers. As we outline new ways of communicating and advertising, both sides will share the pursuit of that common goal from each of their perspectives. The ultimate goal is that by the end of every GDZ Design Week all involved will be able to identify the characteristics of a developing Zimbabwean creative identity and the space it seeks to occupy in the global narrative.

All sessions are beamed via number of platforms, including online platforms like Zoom, Facebook and YouTube, which does in fact present a great opportunity. With all participants and contributors being given the opportunity to present online it allows us to have a wider pool of speakers, presenters and moderators without worrying about travel logistics and any major scheduling conflicts. The main requirement is for them to just be available at their allotted time. This means that the Design Week as a whole, and the sessions there in, will not necessarily impinge on people’s day to day operations and plans.

This conference of creatives is no doubt a collective of great minds. Its continued frequency will usher in the path to a bright future for Zimbabwean creativity and is indeed an endeavour worth constantly, consistently and confidently pursuing.

A key part of a creative’s life is the quest for validation. Every designer craves some form of recognition for the hard work and dedication they put into their craft. The GDZ Awards are our way of recognizing hard work and acknowledging dedication to a greater state of the industry. At the end of every year, creatives working across the entire design spectrum (as listed in our membership section) will get the opportunity to be recognized and lauded by a panel of their peers for their outstanding work in their relevant fields of expertise, all while they enjoy the adulation and appreciation from their contemporaries.

There is an old urban adage that says “Game recognizes game” and as GDZ we aim to take it literally as we seek to award the best performing creatives operating in Zimbabwe.

An annual event normally held between the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second, the GDZ Design Expo is an endeavour to introduce the everyday man to the wonders of the creative industry, help them understand the important role it plays and they learn how to work with the creative industry for the betterment of their organizations. The design expo is also a way to reach out to future creatives and inspire them to take up the mantle and answer the creative call. Practitioners across the creative spectrum (as listed in our membership section) will get the opportunity to demonstrate their craft, and display their wares, to the public as a way to promote their section of the industry.

The public will be given a rare opportunity to interact with the creatives behind most of the best creative work in the country, usually hidden in the back rooms of agencies. Those truly inquisitive will get to learn some of the ins and outs of various design processes and approaches and gain a deeper understanding of the day to day running of a creative practice. As an additional consequence participants will be able to network, establish collaborations, and form new business relationships among themselves. The expo caters not only for creatives but for everyone involved in the creative value chain. This is because potential suppliers will be afforded space to display their wares as well.

The design expo is an excellent opportunity to enlighten the public and broaden scope and horizon of the business side of the creative industry.

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