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How to create a Logo Design Brief.

Do designers just jump in straight to the drawing board when working on a project? Well, that depends on who you ask. Successful designers always start with some kind of consultation that gives birth to the design brief. This is usually the first collaborative endeavor a designer will have with the client. While design is very broad, we are going to look at something specific, creating a Logo Design Brief.

What is a Logo Design Brief?

A logo design brief is basically a set of instructions that provide information to the designer on the client’s business so that she can tailor craft a logo for that business/brand. A well crafted brief creates a connection between the designer and the client, clearly articulating the expected outcomes & goals of the project. This usually includes basic information about the company, the design style, the timeline of the project and the budget.

Why Create a Logo design Brief?

Effective design briefs yield great design projects. For both the client and the designer, having the goals and scope of project clearly outlined helps everyone keep on the right track to achieving the desired outcomes.

Questions to Ask in the Logo Design Brief:

01. Who is the client and what do they do?

What is the company’s name? What’s the company’s tagline? What’s the size of the company and how long has it been in business? What is the product or service? How do the customers or clients talk about them?

02. Which Logos/brands does the client like?

It’s crucial to understand which logos resonate with your client. You’ll gain a clear insight to design style the client prefers and what he dislikes.

03. Who are your competitors?

This helps the designer to gain clarity and understand the environment of business operation. It also helps clarify the plan, so that the designer can determine carefully how to stand out from the competitors.

04. Who’s the audience or target market?

Describe the customer. What’s their age range, race and gender? What type of businesses are these customers involved with?What does your audience care about? What does your audience want?

05. What tone or image do we need to portray?

How best can the company/brand be described in 3 words?

06. What is the Project Timeline?

This enables the designer to know & determine the pace at which to work with so that the project files are delivered on time.

07. What is Your Budget?

One of the most difficult questions to ask. This question should always be asked at the beginning to avoid wasting time for both the designer and the client.

There are more sub-questions that can be added but these are some of the core questions a designer should include in the logo design brief. The ultimate goal is to better understand the business or brand and its target audience, so that you can understand the reason why you are creating the logo.

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