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What we are doing

For far too long the graphic design and creative industry as a whole has gone without proper regulation. The spectrum of practitioners, their charges, and their approaches to business is too broad with too many inexplicable discrepancies for people doing the same work. Graphic Designers Zimbabwe seeks to address these discrepancies and unify the industry under a reliable standard.

As previously stated in our vision, GDZ seeks to be the foremost authority on the creative industry and the welfare of the practitioners within it. With this we aim to be a guide when it comes to setting, raising or maintaining the standards in the industry. This includes the following:

  • Correct industry practice
  • Regulating pricing
  • Regulating remuneration and compensation
  • Standardizing employment contracts
  • Certification and authorisation of practitioners.

Necessary partnerships

To be successful in its cause the organisation hopes to partner key ministries and regulatory bodies through which it can carry out its activities and overall mandate. The activities and operations of GDZ fall in line or overlap with the following ministries and regulatory or governing bodies:

  • The Ministry of Industry Trade and Commerce
  • The Ministry of Sports Art and Culture
  • The Ministry of Information and Publicity
  • The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development
  • The Mass Media Commission of Zimbabwe
  • The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe
  • The National Arts Council
  • The National Employment Council

Such strategic partnerships would be mutually beneficial because GDZ would in fact be assisting these bodies as well in better meeting their objectives and carrying out their mandates.

Authorisation through Certification

It is common in most industries for a regulatory body to oversee operations within it. It is also common practice that one would need to be affiliated with said regulatory body in order to work or operate within that industry. This is the role that GDZ aims to play within the creative industry.

First of all, the aim is ensure that all design practitioners and those that work in the creative field will be fully registered members of Graphic Designers Zimbabwe. Then, as part of its mandate to improve the standard of work in the industry, the organisation will work to improve the standard of workers in the industry. To achieve this GDZ will embark on training and certifying its members, with overall goal being that members can only be allowed to work if they have been certified by the organisation. Thus, with authorisation by certification, the overall standard of practitioners can be achieve which should result in a improved standard of work that lifts the industry as a whole.

The training and certification will be done to cater for different proficiency levels and would also work towards grading members as part of regulating and standardizing remuneration.

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