Social Responsibility

Our work in the community

Our involvement

Like all professions creatives have a role to play in uplifting the communities they live in. Every community can benefit from having a creative mind and artistic eye look upon their needs. Graphic Designers Zimbabwe is always looking for ways to reach out and uplift. Over the years GDZ has carried out a number of social outreach programmes in an effort to uplift and inspire the needy members of society.

Art with Heart

Art with Heart is GDZ initiative directed at pooling resources together among members and channelling them towards a good cause. Often around Christmas time every year since its inception, GDZ members have sacrificed their time to engage in charitable activities such as spending time with orphans, donating clothes, donating school supplies and painting murals at a children’s home. Where possible creatives have also donated money to the families of creatives that would have passed on.

Career Guidance

At GDZ we believe that it is the responsibility of any professional in any industry to pave the way for and guide the next generation of professionals in that industry, more so artists and designers in the creative industry. We regularly engage with high schools, polytechnics and universities seeking opportunities to speak to students about the different paths and opportunities within the creative field. We always seek to participate whenever schools have careers workshops. In time we hope to have our own Design Expo where members of the public can be truly inspired by the creative field.

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